Álvaro Curiel

Alvaro Curiel studied at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC), where he specialized in film directing. His thesis Si un instante (If an instant) was shown at film festivals all over the world, including a stop at the Guggenheim Museum of New York. The film also won prizes at the Toulouse and Vancouver film festivals.

At the beginning of his career he worked as a first A.D. and a unit production manager in over twenty films, including work with directors such as Arturo Ripstein, Cuarlos Cuarón, Carlos Carrera and Eric Zonca, among others.

He has worked in several production companies over the world such as: OBERON (Barcelona), FILMAX (Madrid), Zarlek (Buenos Aires), Lemon Films, ALTAVISTA Films (Mexico), ESTO ES QUE and piso 7° (USA). In 2012 he worked in ALEBRIJE as an executive producer for the film Instructions Not Included, the highest grossing movie ever made in spanish.

Since 2006 he has directed films and TV Series such as: M13DOS -produced by Televisa for the program “Made in Mexico”-, Terminales -which was adapted by ABC Family as “Chasing Life”-, Los simuladores, Mujeres Asesinas, Los héroes del norte, Infiltrados, La teniente, Nueva vida, Cumbia Ninja -distributed by Fox TeleColombia-, El Capitán Camacho -released by Mundo Fox- and Hasta que te conocí, a series based on the life of the singer Juan Gabriel produced by Disney Media Distribution Latin America.

He has also worked for TV stations such as Sony Entertainment Television, TV Azteca, Caracol and Discovery Channel.

He has directed second units too, specially for action films such as Sultanes del Sur (FILMAX, Lemon Films) and Cristiada (Newland Films), directed by Dean Wright and starring Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria. In 2011 Álvaro released his first feature, Acorazado, (Jaibol films). A dramedy which takes place in Mexico and Cuba. Acorazado has been shown in over 40 international film festivals. The film won the audience award at the Morelia International Film Festival and the award for best first feature and best screenplay at the Mostra de Catalunya. It was also nominated for best screenplay at the Ariel Awards.

He is currently about to release his next feature, Querido Carlos, a documentary about the richest man in the world. He is also working on two features: Vagoneros, a drama, and Anna, a comedy. Álvaro Curiel has directed and written over a hundred episodes broadcasted all over Latin America and the United States.