Daniela Gómez

Daniela Gómez is a Mexican screenwriter born in Cancun who also holds the Spanish citizenship. She is a graduate from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP), she has a degree on Communication and a specialty in Audiovisual Media. As a complementary studies, she also holds a Master on Screenwriting for Film and Television from the Universidad Carlos III based in Madrid.

Her career began during her college years, when her first short script “Ladies’ Room” (“Baño de Mujeres”) is selected by the Mexican Film Festival “GIFF” (Guanajuato International Film Festival, 2012) where she takes on the role of director and screenwriter. The next year (2013) her second short script “Although Death Do Us Part” (“Aunque la Muerte Nos Separe”) is selected again, where she repeats her role as director.

This last experience serves her as a platform to join the team of the production company Adicta Films, where she holds the position of Writers’ Room Coordinator as well as Script Dr. of various projects in which the following stand out: “Don’t Blame the kid” (“¿Qué Culpa Tiene el Niño?”) produced by Diamond Films, “Run Coyote Run” Season 1 and 2 produced by FOX. It is also in this production company where she writes her first television episode “A world for Lucas” (“Un Mundo para Lucas” ) a children’s series for the Mexican channel Canal 11.

Within her international experiences, she has participated as part of the company Inusual Events and, together with Egeda, supervising scripts for the Forqué Awards (Madrid, 2015) and the Platino Awards (Punta del Este, 2016 and Riviera Maya, 2018).

She collaborates as a screenwriter with the production company Mr. Woo where she has developed several projects, including the series: “Preppy Girls” (“Niñas Bien”) inspired by the characters in Guadalupe Loaeza’s book, “The Son of Captain Thunder” (“El Hijo del Capitán Trueno”) project and original idea of ​​the acclaimed director Manolo Caro and the feature film “Hurricane Season” (“Temporada de Huracanes”) adaptation of the book under the same title of the writer Fernanda Melchor which has already received several awards of cinematographic funds and its shooting is expected in 2021. The film will be directed by the Mexican director Elisa Miller.

Her latest project is the television series “Thursday’s Widows” (“Las Viudas de los Jueves”) adaptation of the book under the same title of the writer Claudia Piñeiro. The shooting is expected in 2021 under the direction of Manolo Caro.