Ana Bracho

In August of 2009, Ana associated with Paula Sánchez Navarro to found Tercera Llamada Producciones. She produced the multidisciplinary show Venus – La Voz del Tiempo and as an independent producer worked on the production team of works such as Exposición, La Comedia Infernal and Salomé.

She also produced La Acera de Enfrente of Samara Ibrahim in 2012 (Sala Chopin); Antes te Gustaba la Lluvia,, by Lot Vekemans, La Casa de los Espíritus by Isabel Allende, adapted by Caridad Svich, directed by Artús Chávez.

She was in charge of the production of Monstruo Feo of Miguel Alejandro Valenzuela that had two successful seasons (Foro El Bicho June and September 2014).

Produced the successful montage Adiós Carlota, work of hyperrealist puppets by Gerardo Ballester Franzoni (Shakespeare Forum, Sala Xavier Villaurrutia, Castillo de Chapultepec, 2012 – 2014).

During 2015 she premiered at the Shakespeare Forum an original comedy entitled La Hora Radio Roma, had two more seasons at the Tonalá Cinema and one at the Virginia Fábregas Theater. She also produced Una Noche en la Playa of Javier Veiga and in July premiered at the Shakespeare Forum the work The Death and the Maiden of Ariel Dorfman. At the end of the year she co-produced with several more productions, the Spanish musical La Llamada de Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrosi.

In 2016 she premiered Feroces of Chema Rodríguez-Calderón at the Milan Theater, she also produced Pasión of Peter Nichols’s which premiered in May at the Hellenic Theater. The year ended with the premiere the Hora Radio Roma 2 at the Shakespeare Forum, directed by Camilla Brett and Artús Chávez.

She premiered in May of this year in the Hellenic Theater the work of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, adapted by Alfredo Michel Modenessi and directed by Mauricio García Lozano, starred Cassandra Ciangherotti and Adrian Ladrón.

It is in pre-production of her next work: Macbeth. Directed by Mauricio García Lozano and starring Juan Manuel Bernal. Debuts in November at the Milan Theater.