Fabiola Peña

Fabiola Peña is one of the most recognized and outstanding personalities in show business in Mexico.

She studied in Mexico City, Switzerland, London and Canada. In 1986, she completed her degree in Communications with a Masters in Marketing at Universidad Iberoamericana, the most outstanding University in this field, and subsequently enriched her creative career studying photography at the Escuela Activa de Fotografía, which is known by its prestige in the field.

During that same year, Fabiola founded the first Casting Company for Advertisement in Mexico called “Intercast”, where she collaborated with major Producers and Production Companies such as Pedro Torres, Cine Concepto, Garcia Bross, among others. The castings made ​​by Intercast exceeded Mexican territory reaching major US cities by finding talent in Houston, Miami, Los Angeles and New York for the latin American market. She generated pan-regional campaigns for globally recognized brands for companies like Procter & Gamble, Bacardi, Ford and Kimberly Clark among others.

Soon, because of the demand of the growing advertisement market, her company had the need to expand to South America, Spain and London; where she partnered with other casting directors such as MVCasting in Argentina and Mariela Centeno in Venezuela.

Later on, along with two other partners she opened an office in Miami making alliances with Unique Casting (Miami), Michael Lien (Los Angeles) and Donna Deseta (New York).

Seeking to go beyond and inclined for something more creative and challenging, Fabiola decided to make the transition from Casting Director to Talent Agent, creating Talent on the Road Management in Mexico (2000).

By 2017, the Agency achieved its 17th year of creating and maintaining solid and consistent Actor’s careers in an industry that is constantly changing. Some of the most recognizable names that have been represented by Talent On The Road for several years are Alfonso Herrera, Damian Alcázar, Paulina Gaitán, Dolores Heredia, Luis Gerardo Mendez, Daniel Giménez Cacho among many others.

Along with Talent on the Road she has built strong partnerships with Agents of the most renowned actors such as Maricela Marulanda (Colombia), Alejandro Vanelli (Argentina), Jorge Hernandez (Chile) and Katrina Bayonas (Spain).

In 2010, by creating TOR Entertainment, the equivalent of Talent On The Road in the US, she has positioned actors within world wide recognized Agencies such as The Gersh Agency, Paradigm Agency, ICM Partners and Innovative, among others.

During 2013, she built a sister company, World Talent House (WTH), the first Agency in Mexico specialized in the representation of the Latin American Creative Team behind the camera, such as writers, directors and cinematographers, as well as content sales and development.

Currently she is based in LA with the purpose of being the bridge between the needs of North American productions and all Latin American Talent. She wants to break down barriers and help promote co-productions between both regions.