Federico Untermann

He is a director and screenwriter.

In 2020 he premiered the 3rd season of the series “Alta Mar” (Netflix Originials-Bambú Producciones) where he directed the episodes “Mar de Fondo” and “Persiguiendo Sombras”. The series reached the Top 10 on Netflix in more than a dozen countries such as Spain, France, Argentina, Italy, Uruguay, among others.

He has also directed thirty-five chapters of the series “Derecho a Soñar” for Televisión Española (TVE) where he in turn serves as Director-Coordinator.

In 2018 he directed the short film “Cambio de turno” which toured more than fifty international festivals with awards for Best Short Film and Best Actress (Noelia Castaño).

“Todo lo demás”, a short film shot in 2015 with a grant from the Community of Madrid and the ICAA , is integrated in Madrid to travel through more than sixty international festivals including Athens International Film and Video Festival, Ohio (Oscar Qualifier) and several qualifying festivals for the Goya Awards (Soria, Elche, Cortogenia, Medina del Campo). He is currently developing the series “Nine Stars” and the feature film “The Special Guest”.