Isaac Ezban

Isaac Ezban is a filmmaker from Mexico, co-founder of the production company Red Elephant Films and Autocinema Coyote (the only drive-in theater in Mexico).

He wrote 4 short novels before becoming a full time filmmaker, starting with 9 short films awarded in important international festivals.

His first feature film The Incident (2014), a psychological sci-fi thriller about characters trapped in an infinite staircase and an infinite road, premiered at Cannes Film Festival and then played at Fantastic Fest & Sitges,and in over 45 festivals over the world, wining 16 awards and with positive reviews of important press and filmmakers like Guillermo del Toro. The Incident was picked by Cine Canibal in Mexico, released in theaters on 2015 with surprising results. Shoreline Entertainment acquired the international rights.

His second feature film The Similars (2015), described by him as his love letter to the sci-fi of the 60s, also premiered at Fantastic Fest & Sitges, making Isaac the first director in the history of Mexico to have 2 films in 2 years in a row in Official Selection at the two most important genre festivals in the globe. It won in Sitges Best Latinamerican Film and in Morbido the Press Award. After playing in many international festivals and again with great reviews, the film was acquired by XLrator Media for North America and Stray Dogs for Europe, Asia and Latinamerica. In Mexico, it was released in 2016 by Morbido Films.

Both Isaac’s first films The Incident and The Similars are now available on Netflix Worlwide.
In 2016, Isaac was hired by Bron Studios to direct his third movie (and first English spoken film) Parallel, for which he traveled to Vancouver. This sci-fi thriller/drama about agroup of friends that stumble upon a portal to a “multiverse”, starting Martin Wallstrom, Aml Ameen, Georgia King, Mark O´Brien and Kathleen Quinlan, will be released this year.

Represented by Paradigm Talent Agency and Good Fear Management, Isaac is currently working on more screenplays of his own, and has also just been hired by Sony Pictures to direct the awaited adaptation of Dan Simmons´s horror classic novel Summer Of Night next year.