José Manuel Jiménez

José Manuel Jiménez was born in Granada, in 1977. Since he was very young he showed great fascination for Films. This attraction is encouraged by his family along all his youthness. At the age of 18 he moves to Madrid, where he graduates in Filmmakaking and Film Editing, starting his career working as assitant editor.

Since then he has edited features such as Gabriela Tagliavini ́s “Despite everything” (Netflix, 2019), Salvador Simó ́s “Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles” (Shortlisted to represent Spain in the 2020 Academy Awards), Achero Mañas ́ ”An ordinary world” (Tornasol Films, 2019), Yayo Herrero ́s “The Maus” (Apaches Films, 2017), Koldo Serra ́s “Guernica” (Sony Pictures Entertainment), Miguel Ángel Vivas ́”Kidnapped” (Winner Jury Prize in Austin Fantastic Fest, 2010) or Isa Ayguavives ́”The magnetic tree”(Spain-Chile, 2014).

Currently he combines his duties as a feature film editor with shows like “The cable girls” (Netflix) “El caso Asunta” (Netflix, 2017) or “Caminantes” (The MediaPro Studio, 2020) directed by Koldo Serra (“The money heist”)