Juan Elías Tovar Cross

Mexican writer with extensive experience. He has developed in parallel as a screenwriter, script consultant and translator. His most recent works have been the co-authorship of the screenplay “Tengo miedo, torero” (Rodrigo Sepúlveda, 2020) based on the homonymous novel by Chilean Pedro Lemebel, and the Spanish version of the play “El paraíso de la invención” (Isabela Coppel, 2020).

His most recent credits as a documentary screenwriter include “1994” (Diego Enrique Osorno, 2019) and the Vice Media / Netflix series; “The Possibility of Hope” (Alfonso Cuarón, 2007).

As a script consultant he participated in the films “Roma” (Alfonso Cuarón, 2018), “Una mujer fantástica” (Sebastián Lelio, 2017), both winners of the Oscar for Best International Film, and “Disobedience” (Lelio, 2017).

He was also head of development for Alfonso Cuarón’s production companies, Producciones Anhelo and Esperanto Filmoj, where he developed a dozen projects -mainly feature films- and produced the films “Crónicas” (Sebastián Cordero, 2004), “The Assassination of Richard Nixon” (Niels Mueller, 2004), “Año uña” (Jonás Cuarón, 2007) and “Rudo y Cursi” (Carlos Cuarón, 2008). He is currently developing an audio-series, his original idea, for Sonoro.

Juan is a writer with great depth and a vast universe.