Luis Gamboa

He has been a screenwriter for film and television for more than fifteen years. First in Spain, his native country, and since 2012, also in Mexico. He is a member of the screenwriters’ unions in both countries, Sindicato Alma, and the recently created Tinta.

After graduating from the Ecam in Madrid, he participated in the scripts of successful series such as the mysterious “El Internado”, the bullfighting melodrama “Herederos”, the peplum “Hispania” or the fantastic family comedy “Los Protegidos”, among many others.

In 2012 he landed in Mexico for personal reasons and started working in numerous series. Among others, the horror comedy “Diablero”, the political and action drama “Ingobernable” and the teen thriller “Control Z”, all three for Netflix, and “Las Bravas FC”, which in November premieres its first season on HBO Max.
He has also participated in recent Televisa telenovelas of notable popular success and in teleseries such as “Blue Demon” or the Emmy nominated for best soap opera, “Paquita la del Barrio”.

In fact, the political comedy series “Promesas de Campaña”, has also just been nominated for that award as best international comedy.

As for cinema, he released in 2021 the drama “Los Días que no estuve”, directed by Samuel Ríos y Valles, his first Mexican film, and throughout 2021 the horror comedy “Mexzombies”, produced by Draco Films and directed by Chava Cartas, is expected to be released in all theaters.

He is currently back in Madrid but with his eyes set on Mexico.