Luis Gamboa

Luis Gamboa has been a film and TV screenwriter for more than fifteen years. In Spain, his birthplace, where he worked in successful TV series such as El Internado, Herederos, Los Protegidos or Hispania, among some other other productions, like Campamento Flipy, his first motion picture.

Since 2012 he lives and works in Mexico for personal reasons. In this country he has co-written in TV series such as the Emmy Award Nominee Paquita la del Barrio, soap operas like Papá a toda Madre, and Netflix original series like Diablero, Ingobernable and Tijuana.

During the last year he was the headwriter of two TV comedy series: Promesas de Campaña (Fox) and Manual para Galanes (Sony). Both for Claro Video. He also collaborated in the TV series Las Bravas FC (Turner), and in two feature film scripts, Mexzombies and Los Días que no Estuve.