Marina Seresesky

She is an Argentine director, screenwriter and actress based in Spain. She is currently preparing her third fiction feature film “Empieza el baile”, whose script won the Julio Alejandro Award granted by the Sgae Foundation, and developing several TV series projects of her own authorship.

In summer 2019 she released in theaters “Lo nunca visto”, a fiction feature film starring Carmen Machi and Pepón Nieto, among others.

Her first feature film as director, “La puerta abierta” was released on September 2, 2016 in Spanish theaters. The film has two nominations for the 2017 Spanish Film Goya Awards. It also won more than 30 awards at different festivals around the world, including Best Screenplay at the Guadalajara FICG (Mexico), Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Actress at the Alicante Film Festival, Audience Award at the Transilvania International Film Festival (Romania), Best Screenplay and Audience Award at the Antalya International Film Festival (Turkey) and Grand Prize of the European Jury at the Mons International Film Festival (Belgium).

His latest short film, “La boda”, was nominated for the 2013 Goya Awards in the category of Best Fiction Short Film, in addition to collecting a long list of national and international awards.

In 2012 the documentary “Mothers, 0’15 a minute”, received a Silver Biznaga at the 14th Malaga Spanish Film Festival.

“El cortejo” won more than 120 awards at festivals inside and outside our borders, having been shortlisted for the Goya for best short film 2011.