Noé Santillán-López

Noé Santillán-López is a Mexican Director, Producer and Screenwriter. He was born in CDMX on August 1st, 1984 and he grew up in Guadalajara. He Graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, in Georgia with a BFA in Film and Television, in 2007.

There, he directed, produced, and wrote “Si tú no estás”, a short film that received numerous accolades in film festivals across the US.

He directed all eight episodes of “El Diez” (Epoca films / ESPN, 2011) which premiered in North, Central and South America.

His first feature film was “Una última y nos vamos” (Epoca films / Videocine, 2015) a heartwarming family comedy about a Mariachi band on a road trip.

He directed “Purasangre” (ÉPOCA films / Videocine, 2017) An action thriller about a millionaire heist on a racetrack.
He later directed “Ni tú ni yo” (ÉPOCA films / Corazón Films, 2018) a comedy about a dysfunctional family in the world of Lucha Libre in Mexico.

His fourth feature, “Veinteañera, divorciada y fantástica (All About Media / Videocine, 2020) Is a comedy with a strong message of female empowerment.

In 2019 he filmed his fifth feature, “Infelices para siempre” (No Dancing Today / Videocine 2020), a fantasy comedy about the monotony of marriage.

He developed “La despedida” and “Barracuda”, two feature scripts that were filmed in 2020. He also developed a series he co-created, “Coma”, for Sony in the US.

In 2021 he premieres “Cómo sobrevivir soltero” in Amazon Prime Video and directs some episodes of “Guerra de vecinos” for Netflix..

Collaborating with a sublime creative team that gives his projects a unique and trademark style, Noé specializes in directing actors. His focus is to protect script, story and performance to make memorable, poignant and powerful films.