Horacio Alcalá

He started his career as an actor at 8 years old, and at 14 years old, he went on tour with the Opera “La Boheme”.

Nevertheless, his true interest was working behind the camera. He worked for 5 years on the channel Televisa before moving to Europe. In 2006, he directed his first short film in France while he studied at the Higher Academy of Dramatic Arts in Strasbourg. He then settled into the rows of production at Cirque du Soleil where he worked on several shows such as “Alegria,” “Quidam,” and “Corteo” for 7 years and during which shot “A ras del cielo”, a documentary that has traveled across international screens.

His first fictional film, “Finlandia”, makes its debut in 2021.

Horacio established himself in Madrid in 2013 working as a director on different artistic projects that focused on visual arts and stage narratives. Currently, he is developing documentary projects for the European Union and United Nations through Cooperation Across Borders and INTERREG.

His projects are inspired by the literary and pictorialist movement of magic realism in which nature, cultures of other countries, and the extraordinary play an important role. He searches for and creates characters that other than entertain, also provide something to the viewer whether it be a new lesson or value. He places importance on the narrative through his aesthetics.