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“From space I saw Earth, indescribable Beautiful and with the scars of boundaries gone.”
– Muhammad Ahmad Faris (astronaut)

Creative Talent

This field is formed by the Talent that takes part in the behind the scenes process of any production.

Starting with the birth of an idea of the writer, through the performers needed to undertake a production such as art directors, makeup artists, costume designers and all the way through to the execution of the idea itself with the director, the cinematographer, musicians and other crew members. It is the Creative Talent who shapes the soul of every project.

Content Development and Adaptation

We capture ideas on paper through commissioned writing and Content Adaptation

Dr Script

Counseling for authors that require support in their writing.



WTH Mexico City

Heriberto Frías 846
Col. Del Valle
México DF
CP 03100

Phone +52 55 5664 4267


WTH Santa Mónica

TOR Entertainment | US
8033 W Sunset Blvd
#1046, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Teléfono +1 310 881 3693

world talent house 

world talent house 

world talent house 

world talent house 

world talent house