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Camila Brugés


She is a colombian writer. She has participated in various projects as an interpreter, director, writer and producer. He has written and directed several plays as well as documentaries, among them she wrote the documentary series “Maestros”, directed by Sergio Cabrera, the writing and production of short documentary “Niña José”, ( selected by Shnit International Film Festival, Bogoshorts and FICSUR during 2018) among some others.

She began her career writing for Vista Productions / RCN TV and Sony Colombia - Teleset, in long term projects for broadcast television. She has developed various ideas for premium series and movies for Dynamo Producciones and was part of the writers room for “ Frontera Verde”, an original Netflix series produced by this company, released in 2019.

For exile Content, she co- developed the adaptation of the novel “Diez Mujeres” by Marcela Serrano and is currently Head Writer for his project “Fuentes Humanas” for Amazon Studios. At the same time, she is rewriting her first personal fiction feature film project, “Amparo, Gloria, Paz y Luz”, and developing the radio fiction project Radio Fantástica.

She is a woman with many interests and passions, with a sense of humor. With a bold but sensitive pen.