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Bernardo Esquinca


Mexican writer author of various storybooks and novels, including “Los niños de paja”, “Demonia”, “Mar Negro”, “La Octava plaga”, “Carne de ataúd”, “Inframundo”, “El libro de los dioses” and “Asesina íntima”. He is a member of the National System of Art Creators. In 2017 he won the National Black Novel Award for “Las increíbles aventuras del asombroso Edgar Allan Poe''. His work has been translated into English, Hebrew and Hungarian. He was nominated for the prestigious Shirley Jackson Award in the United States. He was a consultant for the Netfliz series Diablero, and has advised scripts for directors such as Jorge Michel Grau, J.M. Cravioto, Rigoberto Perezcano, and Edgar Nieto. He has co-written scripts with Gibrán Portela. His novel “Toda la sangre” is being adapted into television series through an international production involving Pantaya, Fremantle and Starzplay, a project for which he is also an adviser. He participated in a room of a series for Viacom next to Juan Villoro.