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Felipe Martínez


Colombian-Spanish director, screenwriter and producer with extensive experience in film and television. He has participated as director in more than 60 episodes of series such as "2091", CUMBIA NINJA, FAMILIA EN VENTA, TIEMPO FINAL, KDABRA(Fox), KARABUDJAN (Antena 3 Spain), LA MUCHACHA QUE LIMPIA (Turner) and "HISTORIA DE UN CRIMEN: COLMENARES (Netflix).

BLUFF, his first film, was released in 2007, becoming the highest grossing Colombian film of that year. It won the Audience Award at the Miami Film Festival and the Toronto Latin Film Festival. The film was also screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Since 2016 he has shot the feature films MALCRIADOS, DOBLE, FORTUNA LAKE and LOCO POR VOS.

He worked as Showrunner in the series LA MUCHACHA QUE LIMPIA with the production company BTF. In 2022 he premiered the series EL REPATRIADO for Disney+ where he was the director. He was the showrunner of the series EL MANTEQUILLA for Star+ and is currently a writer for a Gato Grande series.