Ximena Escalante

She was born in Mexico City in 1964. She studied Stage Directing at the C.U.T. with recognized Director Ludwik Margules. She attended Certificate Courses at the Escuela de Escritores and then Graduate Studies in Writing and Theatrical Sciences at RESAD, Madrid, Spain. She has participated in various writing and stage directing workshops, with teachers such as Hugo Arguelles, José Luis Alonso de Santos, William Layton and Juan José Gurrola. She is the recipient of several grants for support for studies and writing (Spanish Ministry of Culture and Science; Young Creators and National System of Creators, FONCA, México 2004/2017, Rockefeller Foundation, Casa Wabi, Banff Center, IBERESCENA). She has published in several newspapers, magazines and books on the subject of theater research and theory. (REFORMA newspaper, RESAD, El MILAGRO, Le Mirroir qui Fume, etc.) She writes for film and television (ARGOS, TVAZTECA, TELEVISA) and teaches dramatic theory and creative writing in several films schools and acting workshops (ARGOS, CEFAC, Casa Azul, Teatro La Capilla and Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, IMCINE, Centro de las Artes San Agustín –Oaxaca-.)

She has written three screenplays. “Stella”, an adaptation of the play by Yákovos Kampanelis; commissioned by Alfonso Arau. “Carlota and Them”, also a commission by Pléthora Media Works / Alfonso Arau. And “Abecedario de la infancia” screenplay written for Carlos Sama about the spanish exile. Now is working an adaptation of her play Grito al cielo con todo mi corazón, in collaboration with Benjamin Cann.

The plays Cary Grant and Pirandello ́s Nap are published in compilations of the Department of Writting and Theatrical Sciences of RESAD, Spain; Empty Blue in the anthology Doing Theater, by Plaza and Valdez. Fedra and Other Greeks in El Milagro Editions, Casa de las Américas, Editions Le mirroir qui fume, France; and Theater der Zeit, Germany. About Fedra and Other Greeks the following has been written: “A rare find, with an unusual maturity of style. A text written against literary mainstream of Mexican contemporary dramatic writing that makes it possible to revisit drama tradition from a contemporary perspective” This play has been translated into French, Italian, Greek, Portuguess, German and English. It has been performed in Ottawa, Montreal, Québec, París, Atenas, Lyon and New York. The play I also want a prophet, has been translated into English and French, it has been performed at Caen, France, -Panta Theatre-, and New York -CUNY- and was awarded the Banff residency, in Canada The play Colette, was staged at the Santa Catarina Theater, having a successful season. A Few little prickles, a study of the work of Frida Kahlo, was commisioned by the World Theater and Music Festival of Holland, it premiered in Amsterdam in March 2006 and had a successful tour in Holland, Belgium, Austria and Italy and was translated into their native languages. Skin, produced by Compañía Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes, debuted at Mexico City Festival –FMX_. The Nacional Theater Company ( México) staged by several months the play Andrómaca Real, with several sold out shows. Last year the Comapañía Nacional de Teatro debuted in México an adaptation of Jeniffer Clement ́s book Una mentira. Currently, she is working on the Trilogía monstruosa (Grito, Éxtasis, Fascinación), three plays about the relationship between women and monsters. Two of these plays have been performed in France and México. Ximena still works in France with the company NTH8 in Lyon, but also in Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Paris with the project: Poliptique Escalante with her plays: Fedra, Andrómaca, Electra, Salomé. Currently she works with de French company NTH8 with the play Grito al cielo con todo mi corazón. This play has been produced and performed in México, Greece, Panamá, Spain.

Last year she worked in Casa Wabi –Oaxaca-, with a women community –fisherwomen-, in the beginning of a documentary about their lives. Today, she is working in the play –EX FRIENDS- about the friendship between Hannah Arendt, Lillian Hellman and Mary McCarthy. In 2019 she won the Juan Ruiz de Alarcón Price.