World Talent House

Ricardo Aguado


Screenwriter of “Días de Gracia” (Everardo Gout,2011) ”American Curious” (Gabylú Lara, 2018), and “Souvenir” (Armond Cohen, 2020). He has focused on the film script, but he also worked on the creation of the series “El Secreto de Selena” (BTF-Disney). He was selected to participate in the Screenwriters Lab of the Sundance Institute in 2003 and 2007, and in the Film Project Development Course of the Ibermedia Program in 2005. Methodical and ambitious, a tireless worker of the Final Draft, his bet will always be for the impossible, credible and by the emotional logic behind the characters and situations.

In 2022 Isaac Ezban released “Evil Eye” in theaters, it is currently streaming on Amazon.